Hi Martin,

#4559  [RFE] Support lightweight sub-CAs

    Remaining work is not huge but may be more than can be done this
    week even with Christian's help; the largest remaning concern
    being Custodia.

    As per discussion in team meeting, I'm going to liaise with Simo
    and determine a plan for the key replication.

#2915 ipa-getcert does not allow setting specific EKU on

    Involves certmonger so I will need to do a bit more

    If non-trivial to accomplish this with the default profile, now
    that we have support for multiple profiles it could be done with
    a separate profile, as long as certmonger passes the profile
    propertly with `-T' argument.  I will follow up on this tomorrow
    and let you know what I find out.

#4970   Server certificate profile should always include a Subject
Alternate name for the host

    If a subjectAltName request extension is in CSR, it is checked
    by `cert-request', and copied onto the final certificate by
    Dogtag.  In the default profile there is currently no other way
    to specify the SAN.

    A possible approach to resolve this with the default profile is
    to update it to include a separate, optional subjectAltName
    request input, which could be filled in if explicit SAN is not
    provided in CSR.  There are related lines of investigation.
    Will provide update tomorrow.

#4752   Provide an IEC 62351-8 / DNP3 ID certificate profile

    We can provide a profile that supports DNP3 extension now if it
    is included in a CSR extension request.

    The patches for IEC 62351-8 extension is in review.  Once that is in
    Dogtag we will be able to provide a profile that supports it
    with an extensionRequest in CSR.

#3473  Switch to using RESTful interface in dogtag CA interface

    Postpone; there is not an urgent need.

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