On 02/07/15 22:07, Drew Erny wrote:
Hi, all,

The core functionality of the community portal is more-or-less complete.
In a local development environment, you can go to a web page, put in
information, and have that information reflected in the FreeIPA server.
There's definitely some polishing needed (for example, there is no
styling to the web pages), but the core functionality is all there.

What I need now is for someone to go through the source code, which can
be found at github.com/dperny/freeipa-communityportal, and let me know
if everything seems sound and sane.

I also, perhaps more importantly, need some help on where to go with
this next. The core functionality is all there, but how I'm going to
deploy this to a live environment is still a bit hazy where I should
start to make that happen. There are many ways to deploy a cherrypy web
application, and I'm not sure which path is best. Or, if deployment
isn't important yet at this stage in the prototype, what should I focus
my efforts on now?


Drew Erny

Hi Drew,
when all the core functionality is done and ready then polish it, pack it, ship it :-)

IIUC, the community portal is a part of WebUI so I would package it together, iow in freeipa-server. Or create another package depending on freeipa-server.

David Kupka

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