On 09/07/15 00:35, Petr Vobornik wrote:
== [PATCH] 898 webui: cert-request improvements ==
Certificate request action and dialog now supports 'profile_id',
'add' and 'principal' options. 'add' and 'principal' are disaplayed
only if certificate is added from certificate search facet.

Certificate search facet allows to add a certificate.

User details facet allows to add a certificate.

part of

== [PATCH] 899 webui: show multiple cert ==
New certificate widget which replaced certificate status widget.

It can display multiple certs. Drawback is that it cannot display
if the certificate was revoked. Web UI does not have the information.

part of: https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5045

== [PATCH] 900 webui: remove cert manipulation actions from host and service ==
* cert_view
* cert_get
* cert_revoke
* cert_restore

These actions require serial number which is not provided to Web UI if
multiple certificates are present.

As an alternative to patch 900 we could also provide the original interface if there is only one cert and hide the actions if there are multiple certs.

note: {user|host|service}-{add|remove}_cert command support is still missing.


Martin Basti

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