On 10/07/15 18:29, Christian Heimes wrote:

this patch ensures that DS is running before HTTPInstance attempts to
connect to LDAP.


While I was testing the patch I ran into trouble with DS. The upgrade
script couldn't connect to 389/TCP, although ns-slapd was running. After
some digging I found this log line:

Jul 10 18:13:24 vm-120.abc.idm.lab.eng.brq.redhat.com ns-slapd[6278]:
[10/Jul/2015:18:13:24 +0200] - Information: Non-Secure Port Disabled

which eventually lead me to /etc/dirsrv/slapd-IPA-EXAMPLE/dse.ldif. The
port was disabled with "nsslapd-port: 0". After I stopped DS, changed
the port back to 389 and started DS again, ipa-server-upgrade worked again.


Martin Basti

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