Hi, all,

I'm just about finished with the Community Portal, which I've said a couple of times, but I really mean it this time. The Captcha was the last technical detail that needed addressing. At this point, any further programming is going to be dedicated to configuration of the application.

Right now, a organization could deploy the community portal in about a day, if they had a programmer handy who pulled down my source, changed a bunch of hard-coded configuration, and stuck it on a server.

This might be acceptable, especially in the first iteration of the application, but it probably isn't. How do I go about packaging the web app that I built so that it can be deployed quickly to a server? Someone off-list, I think, mentioned making it deployable to OpenShift?

Basically, what do I have to do to call this application Finished?

The code is located at github.com/dperny/freeipa-communityportal


Drew Erny

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