Dne 7.7.2015 v 16:51 David Kupka napsal(a):
On 03/07/15 08:46, Martin Kosek wrote:
On 07/03/2015 08:41 AM, Jan Cholasta wrote:
Dne 2.7.2015 v 14:34 David Kupka napsal(a):
On 01/07/15 16:31, David Kupka wrote:

Updated patch attached.

Client install works, but uninstall does not:

# ipa-client-install --uninstall -U
certmonger failed to start: Command ''/bin/systemctl' 'start'
'certmonger.service'' returned non-zero exit status 1
certmonger failed to stop tracking certificate: Failed to start
2015-07-03 02:38:15 [17242] Error reading PIN from
"/etc/ipa/nssdb/pwdfile.txt": No such file or directory.
Failed to start certmonger: Timeouted

The patch needs a rebase.

Also, "Timeouted" is not a word, try "Timed out" instead :-)

Updated patch attached. Also attaching patch that removes unneeded
certmonger (re)starting and DBus starting from ipa-client-install.


When dbus is not available and ipa-client-install is run *without* --request-cert, certmonger tracks "Local IPA host" in /etc/ipa/nssdb.

When ipa-client-install is run *with* --request-cert, the certificate is not issued, but I guess this is not caused by your patch.

Jan Cholasta

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