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Hi everybody,

What is the right way to connect to the Directory Server using Directory Manager credentials from the autotest?
I need to execute something like
ldapsearch -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w '<directory_manager_password>' -b "cn=IPA Topology Configuration,cn=plugins,cn=config"
form the python code.

A quick look through the code showed that the following method is generally used to connect to ldap:

self.ldapuri = 'ldap://%s' % ipautil.format_netloc(api.env.host)
self.conn = ldap2(api, ldap_uri=self.ldapuri)

(See ipatests/test_ipaserver/test_ldap.py)
But this is an anonymous access.

The existing solution to use the kerberos ticket cache to login as admin:
self.ccache = paths.TMP_KRB5CC % os.getuid()
self.conn.connect(ccache='FILE:%s' % self.ccache)
has two drawbacks:
1. It would never work if directory manager has different password than admin 2. It does not work anyway, because kerberos is configured to store the cache not in the FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_%{uid}file (as the test expects), but rather in KEYRING:persistent:%{uid}:%{gid}

Thank you in advance.

You can use IPAdmin class in ipaldap

conn = ipaldap.IPAdmin(host=api.env.host)

conn.do_simple_bind(bindpw=password) # directory manager is default user there

entry = conn.get_entry(...)

Martin Basti

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