in SSSD we use the freeipa coding guidelines which are located here:

However this coding style guide is already dated and there are
some rules we follow in SSSD which are not mentioned in the guide
and also there are some C language features that we would like to
start using in certain way but their usage should be covered in the
coding style guide. So, update is needed (at least for SSSD).

I would like to start discussion about what to add to the coding
guide (and maybe what to remove), but before that, I would like
propose to move the coding style guide to SSSD wiki and just add link
to it to FreeIPA wiki. The reason is that unlike FreeIPA, most of the
SSSD code is written in C and SSSD team will more likely update and
modify the guide according to new practices used in upstream
development, where FreeIPA is mostly Python project and C coding
style probably does not need revision as often. So SSSD wiki
seems like more appropriate place.

Another possibility would be to fork the FreeIPA style and
maintain SSSD coding style guide separately. But I think linking
the two is better option, because the two projects are closely
related and it makes sense to share the coding style guidelines.

So, my first question is, Is someone against moving the C coding
style guide to SSSD wiki and adding link to it on FreeIPA wiki?


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