On 07/28/2015 10:57 AM, Michael Šimáček wrote:

I'm working on porting FreeIPA away from python-krbV. Backend.krb and
KRB5_CCache classes are mere wrappers around krbV bindings, so it would
make sense to remove them. But I found the former used in the example in
doc/examples/python-api.py. Is it part of FreeIPA's API? Shall I provide
some partial compatibility layer for it? (only partial because some
methods can take krbV objects as arguments)

Thank you,
Michael Simacek

Does the replacement offer API which has all the methods as the wrappers? If so we can remove them.

Imho we can remove Backend.krb aka ipalib/plugins/kerberos.py. It's used only in 2 files, both are not in production. But I'm not sure about KRB5_CCache, the wrapper has some exception logic which might be wanted to be kept.
Petr Vobornik

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