Dne 29.7.2015 v 12:20 Martin Babinsky napsal(a):
Initial attempt to implement

Some points to discuss:

1.) name of the config entries: currently the option names are derived
from CLI options but have underscores in them instead of dashes. Maybe
keeping the CLI option names also for config entries will make it easier
for the user to transfer their CLI options from scripts to config files.

NACK. There is no point in generating config names from CLI names, which are generated from knob names - use knob names directly.

2.) Config sections: there is currently only one valid section named
'[global]' in accordance with the format of 'default.conf'. Should we
have separate sections equivalent to option groups in CLI (e.g. [basic],
[certificate system], [dns])?

No, because they would have to be maintained forever. For example, some options are in wrong sections and we wouldn't be able to move them.

3.) Handling of unattended mode when specifying a config file:
Currently there is no connection between --config-file and unattended
mode. So when you run ipa-server-install using config file, you still
get asked for missing stuff. Should '--config-file' automatically imply

The behavior should be the same as if you specified the options on the command line. So no, --config-file should not imply --unattended.

There are probably other issues to discuss. Feel free to write
email/ping me on IRC.

(I haven't looked at the patch yet.)

Jan Cholasta

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