On 28/07/15 13:22, David Kupka wrote:
On 23/07/15 13:46, Martin Basti wrote:

Patch attached.

This patch fixes only first part of problem -- the traceback.

Removing promt for name and surname requires too big hacks in internal
API, and I'm not sure if we will be able to do that.
IMO this should be separate command, I will open a discussion.

Works for me, ACK.
It would be better to leave the ticket open until the issue is fully resolved.

Pushed to:
master: cea52ce186d9341f126ef6a9ac5f0287c4f16ada
ipa-4-2: 10e43f883d361ee1c376e1a1e06884cd9f8415ca

Martin Basti

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