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Thank you for patch:

-        root_logger.error("Cannot update DNS records! "
-                          "Failed to connect to server '%s'.",
+        ips = get_local_ipaddresses()
+    except CalledProcessError as e:
+        root_logger.error("Cannot update DNS records. %s" % e)

IMO the error message should be more specific,  add there something
"Unable to get local IP addresses". at least in log.debug()

+    lines = ipresult[0].replace('\\', '').split('\n')

.replace() is not needed

+    if len(ips) == 0:

if not ips:

is more pythonic by PEP8

Thanks for catching these. Updated patch attached.

merciful NACK

Thank you for the patch, unfortunately I hit one issue which needs
to be

If "sync PTR" is activated in zone settings, and reverse zone doesn't
exists, nsupdate/BIND returns SERVFAIL and ipa-client-install print
Error message, 'DNS update failed'. In fact, all A/AAAA records was
succesfully updated, only PTR records failed.

Bind log:
named-pkcs11[28652]: updating zone 'example.com/IN': adding an RR at
'vm-101.example.com' AAAA

named-pkcs11[28652]: PTR record synchronization (addition) for A/AAAA
'vm-101.example.com.' refused: unable to find active reverse zone
for IP
address '2620:52:0:104c:21a:4aff:fe10:4eaa': not found

With IPv6 we have several addresses from different reverse zones and
this situation may happen often.
I suggest following:
1) Print list of addresses which will be updated. (Now if update
user needs to read log, which addresses installer tried to update)
2) Split nsupdates per A/AAAA record.
3a) If failed, check with DNS query if A/AAAA and PTR record are there
and print proper error message
3b) Just print A/AAAA (or PTR) record may not be updated for
IP address.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

After long discussion with DNS and UX guru I've implemented it this
1. Call nsupdate only once with all updates.
2. Verify that the expected records are resolvable.
3. If no print list of missing A/AAAA, list of missing PTR records and
list to mismatched PTR record.

As this is running inside client we can't much more and it's up to user
to check what's rotten in his DNS setup.

Updated patch attached.

Freeipa-devel mailing list

One more change to behave well in -crazy- exotic environments that
resolves more PTR records for single IP.

Freeipa-devel mailing list

Yet another change to make language nerds and our UX guru happy :-)

Freeipa-devel mailing list

Rebased patch attached.

Updated patch attached.

Just for record this patch is for dualstack/IPv6 support.
IMO this ticket also requires to fix ipa-join to support IPv6.

I still have doubts to have multihomed support as default, this may be
unexpected change of ipa-client-install behavior.
I know, is hard to detect which addresses user want to register in IPA without
crystal ball, but it should not be impossible :-) .

I propose following solution:

To add new options:
--multihomed or --all-ip-address - all IP addresses from client will be used
--ip-address  - adress which will be registered on (IPA) DNS server
--ip-address-interface - interface from which address will be registered

0) without any option specified, current behavior will be used + IPv6
* detect which address is used to communicate with IPA server
* detect interface where this address belongs
* use ipv4 and all ipv6 addresses of this interface
* if --enable-dns-updates=true: configure SSSD as is configured now:
automatically detect which address is used + patched SSSD will also updates
proper IPv6 address

1) --multihomed or --all-ip-addresses (this is multihomed ticket)
* all adresses will be used
* if --enable-dns-updates=true: SSSD will be configured to send all ip_addresses

2) --ip-address option specified:
* only specified addresses will be used (+ check if this addresses exist 
* if --enable-dns-updates=true: ERROR dynamic updates may change this address
(user should choose static vs dynamic)

3) --ip-address-interface option specified:
* only addresses from specified interfaces will be used
* if --enable-dns-updates=true: SSSD will be configured to use these interfaces
to get addresses that will be dynamically updated on dns

Modification of current patch should not be hard, we already have almost
everything implemented:
* method get_local_addresses should return dict {interface:[list of
addresses]}, this can be used in all of 4 cases.
* restore original function to detect IP address used to communicate with IPA

I insist on 0) and 1), others may be stretch goal (easy to implement)
(It would be shame to not implemented multihomed support together with this
ticket, as it requires max 5 extra lines of code)

Seems my proposal reasonable?

What is you opinion Martin? Should we just use all addresses to be registered,
or try to keep old behavior as much as possible?


To me, keeping the current behavior looks as a safer choice, especially given it seems that there is no CLI that admin could use to achieve the old behavior and only register the address in the FreeIPA server network.

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