Dne 31.7.2015 v 20:20 Simo Sorce napsal(a):
On Fri, 2015-07-31 at 16:41 +0200, Michael Šimáček wrote:
On 2015-07-31 07:52, Jan Cholasta wrote:
Hi Michael,

Dne 29.7.2015 v 10:09 Michael Šimáček napsal(a):

this is the first attempt to port FreeIPA from deprecated
python3-incompatible python-krbV library to python-gssapi. The patch
depends on python-kerberos->python-gssapi patch [1] to apply cleanly,
but the overlap is small, so I think it can be at least partially
reviewed without it.

I removed Backend.krb and KRB5_CCache classes as they were wrappers
around krbV classes. I added few utility functions to krb_utils module
that perform part of its functionality (no need for classes, because
gssapi acquire calls don't pass any context objects, they wouldn't have
any state).

I merged the two different kinit_keytab functions.

GSSAPI doesn't provide any method (that I'm aware of) to get default
ccache name. In most cases this is not needed as we can simply not pass
any name and it will use the default. The ldap plugin had to be adjusted
for this - the connect method now takes new use_gssapi argument, which
can turn on gssapi support without the need to supply explicit ccache
name. The only place where the ccache name is really needed is the test
server, where I use system klist command to obtain it.

I would prefer if the semantics were the same as in IPAdmin, i.e. GSSAPI
is used by default if bind password is not specified, see
IPAdmin.do_bind() in ipapython.ipaldap.

Just to clarify, the current flow in ldap module is:
if ccache: # I added "or use_gssapi" here in this patch
elif autobind:

I had to make this change as well for my replica promotion code, and
incidentally used the same indicator "use_gssapi".

and you would like it to be changed into:
if bind_pw:
elif autobind:

Is that correct?

Actually this is what IPAdmin does:

def do_bind(self, dm_password="", autobind=AUTOBIND_AUTO, timeout=DEFAULT_TIMEOUT):
        if dm_password:
            self.do_simple_bind(bindpw=dm_password, timeout=timeout)
if autobind != AUTOBIND_DISABLED and os.getegid() == 0 and self.ldapi:
                # autobind
                pw_name = pwd.getpwuid(os.geteuid()).pw_name
                self.do_external_bind(pw_name, timeout=timeout)
            except errors.NotFound, e:
                if autobind == AUTOBIND_ENABLED:
                    # autobind was required and failed, raise
                    # exception that it failed

        #fall back

I think this is what Jan wanted, but I am wondering if it is the right
thing to do. In ipa we have basically 2 possible default approaches.
One is to use GSSAPI, and one is to use LDAPI with external bind.

The latter makes sense mostly only when running as root, so I am
wondering, should the default change depending on whether we are root
and we are connecting to the local LDAP server ?

If this is a sensible option it means we have to preserver use_gssapi as
we may need to force use of gssapi in some case even when we are root
and connectiong to the local server (for example to test that the local
ccache can successfully be used).

what do you think ?

I think GSSAPI should be the default and EXTERNAL should be opt-in, like in IPAdmin, see above.

It's also not possible to directly get default realm name, what I do is
importing nonexistent name, cannonicalizing it and extracting the realm
from it. Which should work but is ugly. It would be better if we could
modify the places that use it to not need it at all, but it's mostly
used in ldap code and I don't understand that part of FreeIPA.
Alternative would be parsing /etc/krb.conf.

You should use api.env.realm where possible. I think this should be most
of the places where default realm is currently used, if not all of them.

That would be great if all the usages could be replaced. How can I
determine where api.env.realm can be used? In particular, I'm unsure
about ipapython/config.py/__discover_config and ipaserver/plugins/join.py.

I would just remove the code from __discover_config. It is used to get realm name in case it is not configured in /etc/ipa/default.conf, but it is called only from ipa-compat-manage and ipa-nis-manage, which can be run only on IPA server, and IPA server won't work if realm is not configured.

As for join.py, you can just return api.env.realm in get_realm().

        realm = api.env.realm
        realm = dirty gssapi trick ?

Please don't, you should always be able to choose the correct one instead of guessing.

Jan Cholasta

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