On 07/30/2015 01:58 PM, Martin Kosek wrote:
> On 07/30/2015 01:51 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
>> On Thu, 30 Jul 2015, Martin Kosek wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> Right now, the people pushing patches to FreeIPA use Petr's great "ipatool"
>>> that is part of Petr's (CCed) ipa-tools repo forked from my old "ipa-tools"
>>> repository.
>>> Recently, we have found that "ipatool" needs update due to 4.2 being 
>>> released,
>>> so I think this is a great moment to make this tool more official and use a
>>> shared team repository so that people on the team can contribute and freely
>>> improve it.
>>> As we have our shiny organization on github, I simply created new
>>> "freeipa-tools" repo and with Petr's permission, moved "ipa-tools" content
>>> there:
>>> https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa-tools
>>> If there are no objections, I would use that as the authoritative version of
>>> the tools repo for the team.
>>> FreeIPA developers, please feel free to request access to
>>> https://github.com/orgs/freeipa/teams/freeipa
>>> if you want to commit to this repo.
>> The link does not exist, you'd get 404 trying to access it.
>> I don't see any way to add myself or request addition at
>> https://github.com/freeipa
> Ah, looks like the github teams work differently then I though. You may need 
> to
> send me your github logins so that I can add people.
> If there is better way, please let me know.

As a heads up - the freeipa-ci repository containing the FreeIPA
integration tests definitions under jenkins-job-builder is now available
under freeipa organization as well.

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