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On 08/05/2015 02:57 PM, Milan Kubík wrote:
Hi list,

I'm sending the test plan [1] for certificate profiles and preliminary
patches for it.
The plan covers basic CRUD test and some corner cases. I'm open to more

More complicated tests involving certificate profiles will require the
code (and tests)
for CA ACLs merged, so it's not there at the moment.

There are some unfinished test cases in places I wasn't sure what the
result should be.
We need to iterate through these to fix it.

[1]: http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Certificate_Profiles/Test_Plan

Hi all,

have you had some time to look at the code and proposal?
Today I want to write a basic CRUD test for the ACLs as well as a few
test cases to check if the ACL is being enforced. It should make it into
wiki today or by tomorrow. I'll send an update then.
I haven't looked at the actual code yet.  Is it checked into git for freeipa 

This looks good to me for the basic CRUD tests.   I do have some questions and 

Existing tests:

* Delete default profile
- Did you find out what the expected result should be?

I reported this when Fraser was implementing the feature. He decided to allow this (earlier it has failed). At the time I didn't suggest otherwise. The design/documentation could be more clear on this as for, is it allowed to delete all profiles? Doing this will break an awful lot of things. The same applies to ACLs as well, Sub CAs later ditto. Deleting the default profile will break things even if other profiles
remain as it is a default, when not specified in cert-request.

Fraser, what do you think?
* Try to rename the profile entry
- Can this be renamed to be more specific to trying to rename ldap attr?
- Can we get a new test case to test renaming with certprofile-mod --rename?
Possible new tests:

* Import a profile in xml
- This should fail and I think is at least in the beginning a common mistake.
I will add this.
* Change profile config from file
- This one may be too large in scope but, could be limited to changing 
something simple to make sure the file is read and used.
ACK. Though this will be a part of the more complicated scenario.
Where are you planning to put the CA ACL tests?  In the same page?
I originally planned to put it under sub CAs, but since the specification
for CA ACLs moved into the certificate profiles design, I can add it there.
Counting will be done separately from test cases for profiles and it will be
implemented (at least the CRUD test cases) in a module where the ACL Tracker
will be implemented.
When you have that will you be adding a cert-request test?
Yes. I will need to use cert-request to test if the ACL/profile is enforced, if enabled/disabled is in effect. I will not implement this in a module for cert-request, though. I think it will be better to implement these in a separate module to signify it is a test of a conjunction of several parts of the feature (profiles, ACLs and Sub CAs,
once this is implemented.
If you think otherwise, I'm open to suggestions.


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