On 08/12/2015 06:12 PM, Christian Heimes wrote:
> On 2015-08-12 18:10, Tomas Babej wrote:
>> On 08/10/2015 05:39 PM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
>>> On 08/03/2015 11:07 AM, Christian Heimes wrote:
>>>> On 2015-07-31 19:14, Petr Viktorin wrote:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> Here is a batch of mostly mechanical changes: removing deprecated
>>>>> features to prepare for Python 3.
>>>> Out of curiosity, what tool did you use for patch 695-absolute-imports?
>>>> Python-modernize adds from __future__ import absolute_imports and
>>>> changes imports to explicit relative imports.
>>> I used modernize to find all the occurences, and fixed imports by hand.
>>> Most of IPA uses absolute imports, as recommended by PEP 8.
>>>> In patch 693 you have removed test cases for CIDict.has_key(), but
>>>> CIDict still provides the function. You should either keep the tests
>>>> around or remove has_key() from CIDict.
>>> I haven't removed them: "test_haskey" is only skipped under Python 3. I
>>> assumed that's enough to verify that `has_key` works well (i.e. the same
>>> as `in`), so in the other tests I do use `in` instead.
>>> I'm attaching updated patches, under Python 3 they remove CIDict.has_key
>>> a bit more formally. They're also rebased.
>>>> The rest looks good to me, but I haven't studied every change
>>>> thoroughly. It's just too much.
>>> Anything I can do to help?
>> Let's not sit on this for too long, it will a pain to rebase. I went
>> through the gargatuan patches manually and did not discover any issues.
>> Additionally, the patchset introduces no new unit-test failures.
>> So I am inclined to ACK it, unless Christian has any objections.
> I've skimmed over the patches and didn't find any issues, too.
> pylint --py3k is going to complain about missing from __future__ import
> absolute_import lines. We can add them later, though.
> Christian

Either that, or we can simply ignore no-absolute-import (W1618).

Thus ACK for the patchset.


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