On 19.8.2015 14:39, Christian Heimes wrote:
On 2015-08-19 14:12, Jan Cholasta wrote:
The new flags should be handled in vault_find's pre_callback instead of
vault's get_dn, as they are exclusive to vault_find and worse yet,
conflict with vault_{add,remove}_{owner,member}'s flags, leading to
unwanted behavior:

$ ipa vault-add-member --service testsvc/example.com testvault
--services testsvc/example.com
ipa: ERROR: Service(s), shared, and user(s) options cannot be specified

Here is an updated patch. The new flags are now handled by the
pre_callback method. I have regenerated API.txt, too.


Thanks, ACK.

Bumped VERSION and pushed to:
master: 0abaf195dc3b0920d2439dd4ec6df61e0aadc4f9
ipa-4-2: 89c9feaf93299c96bb227b3705246193a1de1d82


Jan Cholasta

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