On 08/24/2015 04:07 PM, Lenka Doudova wrote:

On 08/24/2015 03:14 PM, Martin Basti wrote:

You have unmerged changes in the patch

On 08/24/2015 02:14 PM, Lenka Doudova wrote:
  from ipatests.test_xmlrpc import objectclasses
+<<<<<<< HEAD
  from ipatests.test_xmlrpc.xmlrpc_test import (
Declarative, fuzzy_digits, fuzzy_uuid, fuzzy_set_ci, add_sid, add_oc)
+from xmlrpc_test import (Declarative, fuzzy_digits, fuzzy_uuid, fuzzy_set_ci,
+                         add_sid, add_oc, XMLRPC_test, raises_exact)
+>>>>>>> Automated test for stageuser plugin
  from ipapython.dn import DN

Patch that was pushed today breaks one of your test, please fix it in new patch.

E           assert 'no such entry' == 'puser1: user not found'
E            +  where 'no such entry' = NotFound(u'no such entry',).strerror
E + and 'puser1: user not found' = NotFound(u'puser1: user not found',).strerror

Pushed to ipa-4-2: b648d124b570cbacc7d8f7d5df2976352cdba1ba
Pushed to master: a14c4b5001b09002ae5a6ef239fe9050c7de96f9


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