On 9/1/2015 10:22 AM, Simo Sorce wrote:
On Tue, 2015-09-01 at 17:15 +0200, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 09/01/2015 04:39 PM, Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 1.9.2015 16:26, Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 26.8.2015 13:22, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 08/25/2015 08:04 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
adds commands:
* vaultcontainer-show [--service <service>|--user <user> ]
* vaultcontainer-add-owner
       [--service <service>|--user <user> ]
       [--users <users>]  [--groups <groups>] [--services <services>]
* vaultcontainer-remove-owner
       [--service <service>|--user <user> ]
       [--users <users>]  [--groups <groups>] [--services <services>]


Use cases:
1. When user/service is deleted, associated vault container looses
owner. There was no API command to set the owner.
2. Change owner of container by admin to manage access.

Show command was added to show current owners.

Find command was not added, should it be?

There is also a design for vault container ownership handling created by
Endi - it's for future Vault 2.0.


This patch has a different API than the proposed - different way of
specifying the container. The design page uses path e.g. /users/foobar.
This patch uses the same way as vaults e.g. --user=foobar. This means
that the implementation in this patch cannot manage ownership of parent
vault containers e.g. cn=users,cn=vaults,cn=kra,$SUFFIX.

Do we want to go with this approach in 4.2?

Attaching also new path which removes setting of owner which doesn't
exist so that integrity is OK and that it is consistent with removing of

Updated patch attached - output fix.

We had a long discussion about this with Petr and we think the best
approach is as follows:

    * Add new "Vault administrators" privilege. Vault administrators will
have unrestricted access to vaults and vault containers, including the
power to add/remove owners of vaults and vault containers.

    * Remove the ability of vault owners to add/remove other vault
owners. If vault owner needs to be changed, vault administrator has to
do it. Note that vault owners will still have the ability to add/remove
vault members.

    * When adding new vault container, set owner to the current user. If
vault container owner needs to be changed, vault administrator has to do

    * Allow adding vaults and vault containers only if the owner is set
to the current user.

    * Introduce commands to modify vault container owner and to delete
vault container, so the administrator has a choice between assigning
ownership or deleting an unowned container.


    * Control access to vault data using an ipaProtectedOperation ACI.
Users which have read access to "ipaProtectedOperation;accessKRA" on a
vault can retrieve data from the vault and users which have write access
to "ipaProtectedOperation;accessKRA" on a vault can archive data in the



CCing Simo and Endi to check the proposal.

And Scott (related to #5216, #5215)

Sounds reasonable to me.
I can see that allowing owners to hand over vaults w/o admin
intervention may have some appeal in some use cases, but I also see it
can bring downsides with it, so all in all I think I agree with the
above points.


Not a total objection, but if many people in unrelated groups are using vaults, and they are sharing the vaults only with members of each group, having to ask a Vault Administrator for each ownership change sounds a bit cumbersome. Since the Vault Adminstrator will have access to all vaults in all groups, only a small number of people can be trusted to hold that role. If there are many ownership changes the Vault Administrator will have to handle all those requests, and the vault users may have to wait until the change is completed.

If owners are allowed to add others as owners, the vaults will be pretty much maintenance free to the admin.

Regardless, please update the wiki page to describe the new behavior when it's implemented:

Endi S. Dewata

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