NACK because:

$ pep8 ipatests/test_xmlrpc/
ipatests/test_xmlrpc/ E121 continuation line under-indented for hanging indent

(just a missing space in the indent)


On 09/11/2015 01:47 PM, Milan Kubík wrote:
On 09/11/2015 12:43 PM, Lenka Doudova wrote:

On 09/11/2015 11:45 AM, Milan Kubík wrote:

On 09/11/2015 10:27 AM, Martin Basti wrote:

On 09/11/2015 09:51 AM, Lenka Doudova wrote:

On 09/10/2015 02:11 PM, Milan Kubík wrote:

On 09/04/2015 03:57 PM, Martin Babinsky wrote:

On 09/04/2015 11:06 AM, Lenka Doudova wrote:


there's no traceback in the file you mentioned, but I'm running it

through lite-server, so here's the traceback from there:

I can't really get to the problem. What I forgot to mention in the

previous email was that the tests fail when attempting to add a

certprofile, but if I try to do is manually using 'ipa

certprofile-import' command with the exact same data as used in the

test, it works fine.


Do you get the traceback also when you run the tests using

'ipa-run-tests' with installed IPA master?


I don't think it is possible to run these tests against the lite
server. Please do it on regular installation.

Anyway, sorry for the long delay. I send the updated patches.

I updated them to reflect the fix for rename option and extended
about test with importing a profile from XML file. The test case
may need to be updated, based on the resolution of [1].

This at the moment raises remote retrieve error (400 from dogtag),
I think there should be more clear message (detecting xml).





can't build rpms after applying the patches (namely patch 0009.2):

Module ipatests.test_xmlrpc.utils

ipatests/test_xmlrpc/ [E1101(no-member), prepare_config]
Module 'py' has no 'path' member)


Do we need new in test_xmlrpc? Why not just add it into
existing ipatests/

Updated patch attached.


    content of ipatests.test_xmlrpc.utils moved to ipatests.utils

    make-lint updated to ignore py.path submodule

Again got an error:

Module ipatests.test_xmlrpc.test_certprofile_plugin

ipatests/test_xmlrpc/ [E0611(no-name-in-module), ] No name 'utils' in module 'ipatests')

Probably just extra 's' in:

from ipatests.utils import prepare_config


Typo fixed. Removed the py module from the code after an offline discussion.
Patch attached.


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