On 18/09/15 17:00, Petr Viktorin wrote:
Here are more patches that bring IPA closer to Python 3 compatibility.

Hi Petr,
thanks for another batch of Python 3 compatibility patches.
Unfortunately I hit a lot of pylint errors. Some of them are false positives for sure. Could you please look at them, mark the false positive with "pylint: disable=Exxxx" directive and fix the rest?


And one nitpick, I believe that the plus signs are not needed.

-        self.arabic_hello_utf8 = '\xd9\x85\xd9\x83\xd9\x8a\xd9\x84' + \
-                                 '\xd8\xb9\x20\xd9\x85\xd8\xa7\xd9' + \
-                                 '\x84\xd9\x91\xd8\xb3\xd9\x84\xd8\xa7'
+        self.arabic_hello_utf8 = (b'\xd9\x85\xd9\x83\xd9\x8a\xd9\x84' +
+                                  b'\xd8\xb9\x20\xd9\x85\xd8\xa7\xd9' +
+                                  b'\x84\xd9\x91\xd8\xb3\xd9\x84\xd8\xa7')

David Kupka

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