On 23.9.2015 11:44, Christian Heimes wrote:
On 2015-09-23 10:54, Jan Cholasta wrote:
Correction, the HTTP server works, but it spits lots of errors in
error_log about /var/lib/kdcproxy not existing.

Is the KDCProxy supposed to be installked/enabled on upgrade ?
If not, why not ?
Even if it is not enabled, shouldn't the user be created just in case ?

Fixed, patch attached.

I haven't tested the patch yet. It looks like the kdcproxy user doesn't
own its home directory. Please chown /var/lib/kdcproxy.

I can't chown it because the user may not exist at RPM install time. It doesn't matter anyway, since nothing is ever stored in the directory and KDC proxy works just fine. The same thing is done for the DS user and nobody complained so far, so I assumed it should be OK for KDC proxy as well.

Jan Cholasta

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