On 10/08/2015 09:13 AM, Oleg Fayans wrote:
Hi Martin

On 10/07/2015 04:30 PM, Martin Basti wrote:

On 10/07/2015 04:13 PM, Oleg Fayans wrote:

Workaround looks good, but I prefer not to push it in upstream tests,
because it is not test failure.
I agree, we should rather fix the original issue. But as a temporary solution, to satisfy downstream, it could do.

Why is there this sleep, this might be useful in upstream tests too, but
what is the reason to add sleep there?

Without it I kept getting this error:
E CalledProcessError: Command '['drill', '@localhost', '-k', '/etc/trusted-key.key', '-S', 'example.test.', 'SOA']' returned non-zero exit status 29

with --pdb option, though, my attempts to re-run the command succeeded, so I assumed it was a timing issue, and indeed, this 1 second sleep helped.

          # verify signatures
+        time.sleep(1)
          args = [

Attached is an updated version of the patch with Martin's remarks taken into account

Can you please send this as separate patch? I would like to push this one.

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