On 10/09/2015 09:15 AM, Jan Pazdziora wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 09, 2015 at 09:01:46AM +0200, Milan Kubík wrote:
>> Perhaps we could use pytest's expected fail (xfail) or skip marker. [1] It
>> would prevent test from failing in the report and once the underlying issue
>> is fixed, it will raise as an unexpected pass.
>> It could be used as a temporary solution, once the issue is fixed, we would
>> remove the mark from the test. This would probably need some workflow to be
>> defined for these cases.
> That works but please note that this is not about test passing or
> failing, this is about some extra steps needed in the test body to
> achieve deterministic situation in which running that final check
> makes sense.
> I can imagine that simple
>       # workaround 5348
>       time.sleep(20)
> and then some script which would find all these comments and compare
> them to resolved tickets might be enough.

I like this idea the most. Keeping this information in Trac is not much
practical. Having a note in the comment annotating the particular
workaround, however, is quite neat.

Imho we can start such convention. Keeping a keyword in a comment is not
a heavy process. Also, I wouldn't be strict about it, as we already have
a couple of workarounds, and not every time a workaround has a exact
mapping to a particular ticket.


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