I've been told to do some tests of stageuser UI capabilities ASAP.
I think I covered most of the test cases from test plan (http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/User_Life-Cycle_Management/Test_Plan) (will check that tomorrow morning, as I need to go soon). I haven't found any really serious bug, but I have found some stuff that I'm not sure is OK:

1. if I display a list of all staged users, I can select users and activate them using the new "Activate" button. However, if I display detailed info of a user and want to activate the user from there, there's no such option under the "Actions" menu.

2. similar to the previous one: if I display a list of all active users, select some of them and click the "Delete" button, I can choose whether I want permanent deletion or just make the user(s) preserved. If I open detailed info of a user, there is "Delete" option under the "Actions" menu, but it does the permanent deletion only, no choice is offered.

3. I completely miss the option to convert preserved user to a staged one (equivalent to CLI command "user-stage").

First two may be just uncomfortable for a user, but the last one definitely skips one ability of the plugin.


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