On 10/20/2015 04:27 PM, Martin Babinsky wrote:
On 10/19/2015 04:51 PM, Martin Babinsky wrote:
On 10/19/2015 02:47 PM, Martin Basti wrote:

On 15.10.2015 16:29, Martin Babinsky wrote:


with domain level 0

ipa-replica-prepare <replica_hostname>

ipa.ipaserver.install.ipa_replica_prepare.ReplicaPrepare: DEBUG: File
"/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ipapython/admintool.py", line 169, in

line 215, in ask_for_options
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ipalib/backend.py", line 61,
in connect
     self.id, threading.currentThread().getName()
ipa.ipaserver.install.ipa_replica_prepare.ReplicaPrepare: DEBUG: The
ipa-replica-prepare command failed, exception: Exception: connect:
'context.ldap2_140616703529424' already exists in thread 'MainThread'
ipa.ipaserver.install.ipa_replica_prepare.ReplicaPrepare: ERROR:
connect: 'context.ldap2_140616703529424' already exists in thread
ipa.ipaserver.install.ipa_replica_prepare.ReplicaPrepare: ERROR: The
ipa-replica-prepare command failed.

without your patch it works


The function was leaking opened backend connection due to incorrect
disconnect logic. Updated patch should fix this.

Reworked patch attached which used existing function in dsinstance.py to
check domain level.

However, note that it may require my patch 0088 to function correctly.

Attaching updated patch.

Martin^3 Babinsky
From b5bcfdc951c7072a0f70d71f26e9a3ce87bbe3ce Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Martin Babinsky <mbabi...@redhat.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 16:07:48 +0200
Subject: [PATCH 1/2] disable ipa-replica-prepare in non-zero IPA domain level

the original replica installation path (ipa-replica-prepare +
ipa-replica-install) remains valid only when IPA domain level is zero. When
this is not the case, ipa-replica-prepare will print out an error message which
instructs the user to use the new replica promotion machinery to setup

 ipaserver/install/ipa_replica_prepare.py | 28 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 27 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/ipaserver/install/ipa_replica_prepare.py b/ipaserver/install/ipa_replica_prepare.py
index 2b4a60e16bd23f9d4c8e0135708950a6cc40db9a..c573428ed59147cbfe22944787726fc817284680 100644
--- a/ipaserver/install/ipa_replica_prepare.py
+++ b/ipaserver/install/ipa_replica_prepare.py
@@ -41,7 +41,21 @@ from ipapython import version
 from ipalib import api
 from ipalib import errors
 from ipaplatform.paths import paths
-from ipalib.constants import CACERT
+from ipalib.constants import CACERT, MIN_DOMAIN_LEVEL
+Replica creation using '{command_name}' to generate replica file
+is supported only in {min_domain_level}-level IPA domain.
+The current IPA domain level is {curr_domain_level} and thus the replica must
+be created by promoting an existing IPA client.
+To set up a replica use the following procedure:
+    1.) set up a client on the host using 'ipa-client-install'
+    2.) promote the client to replica running 'ipa-replica-install'
+        *without* replica file specified
 class ReplicaPrepare(admintool.AdminTool):
@@ -161,6 +175,8 @@ class ReplicaPrepare(admintool.AdminTool):
+        self.check_domainlevel(api)
         if api.env.host == self.replica_fqdn:
             raise admintool.ScriptError("You can't create a replica on itself")
@@ -673,3 +689,13 @@ class ReplicaPrepare(admintool.AdminTool):
             '-w', dm_pwd_fd.name,
             '-o', ca_file
+    def check_domainlevel(self, api):
+        domain_level = dsinstance.get_domain_level(api)
+        if domain_level > MIN_DOMAIN_LEVEL:
+            raise RuntimeError(
+                    command_name=self.command_name,
+                    min_domain_level=MIN_DOMAIN_LEVEL,
+                    curr_domain_level=domain_level)
+            )

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