On 22.10.2015 10:44, Martin Babinsky wrote:

This should be handled by a separate object plugin:

$ ipa servercomponent-find master.ipa.test
6 server components matched
  Component name: CA
  Enabled: TRUE
  Start order: 50

  Component name: KDC
  Enabled: TRUE
  Start order: 10

  Component name: KPASSWD
  Enabled: TRUE
  Start order: 20

  Component name: MEMCACHE
  Enabled: TRUE
  Start order: 39

  Component name: OTPD
  Enabled: TRUE
  Start order: 80

  Component name: HTTP
  Enabled: TRUE
  Start order: 40
Number of entries returned 6

This will allow us to consolidate all the ad-hoc component-related code scattered throughout IPA (search for enabled component, enable/disable component, ...) into IPA command calls.

I'm not opposed to showing a summary in server-show (although we don't do anything like this for any other hierarchical objects), but it should be done just for the users' sake, not for internal use (the ticket suggests to use this for topology visualisation).

BTW as far as the scalability of the current solution goes, you should have a list of all the *non*-optional components and display everything else.


Jan Cholasta

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