On 11/12/2015 10:35 AM, Martin Basti wrote:
Lint failed in current ipa-4-2 branch.

Errors were found during the static code check.

If you are certain that any of the reported errors are false positives, please
mark them in the source code according to the pylint documentation.

************* Module ipatests.test_ipaserver.test_ldap
ipatests/test_ipaserver/test_ldap.py:43: [E0602(undefined-variable), test_ldap] Undefined variable 'pytest') ipatests/test_ipaserver/test_ldap.py:154: [E0602(undefined-variable), test_LDAPEntry] Undefined variable 'pytest')
Makefile:119: recipe for target 'lint' failed
Fixed by patch 0024.

Milan Kubik

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