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The Problem
During work on DNSSEC patches for FreeIPA it repeatedly happened that I had to
hard-code default values for optional LDAP attributes to various places.

A constant in code is a nice thing, but it does not help to CLI/WebUI/API
users because they do not see the default in ipa dnszone-show output etc.

Moreover, even the constant does not help when multiple code-bases are using
the default value, e.g. bind-dyndb-ldap (written in C) and FreeIPA framework
(written in Python).

What next?
I do not know :-) Following text is just boiling pure water.

Simplest thing to do would be to create a Python module like
ipa.defaults and create a dictionary with defaults for each object class.

I can imagine something like:

idnszone = {
     'idnssecinlinesigning': False

Then in Python code it would be easy to do
complete_object = ipa.defaults.idnszone.copy().update(object_from_LDAP)
And now the complete_object contains everything including optional (but in
fact not present) attributes which has a default value defined.

This would be very alien in the framework.

We might want to have some metadata for each attribute for various reasons.
E.g. some values should be only shown in WebUI and the attribute will be
populated, e.g. uid attribute is generated from first and last name when user
submits the form with empty 'uid' field. In other words, this default makes
sense on object creation but on when reading existing objects from LDAP.

The example with uid obviously calls for something more fancy. When one
attribute is generated from other attributes of the same object, it might be
sufficient to define a regex based on other attributes. Regex is easy to
evaluate in C, Python and Javascript, if we limit ourselves to intersection of
regex languages supported by libraries of our choice.

Now, we can take this dictionary and generate #define strings from it ...

Dynamic defaults would have to be fetched from the server with an API call. This will likely be part of the thin client / API compatibility feature.

The open question is how to handle defaults taken from another object, e.g.
when idnsallowtransfer attribute is inherited from global DNS configuration 

Any ideas?

Is api.Object.dnszone.get_default() not sufficient?


Jan Cholasta

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