On 10/23/2015 04:57 PM, Simo Sorce wrote:
On 23/10/15 08:39, Petr Vobornik wrote:
not sure if the change in2606f5aecd6ac0db31abb515b691529bb7eaf14e was a
mistake or done on purpose.

commit 2606f5aecd6ac0db31abb515b691529bb7eaf14e

-            realm, hostname, dirman_passwd, port, starttls=True)
+            realm, hostname, dirman_passwd, port)

In CSReplicationManager

which causes, e.g.:

ipa-csreplica-manage -p Secret123 list ipa.example.com
cannot connect to 'ldaps://ipa.example.com:389': TLS error
-5938:Encountered end of file

Attached patch reverts it.

I am not sure it was a mistake, we have changed replication from using
TLS to always use LDAP+GSSAPI, so why is ipa-csreplica-manage depending
on ldaps anyway ?

It may need to when dealing with very old domains where we have split
instances for CS and IPA, but not in anything modern. I would rather
change the command to cope with using LDAP+GSSAPI.

A simple revert may break something in replica promotion, would need to
be tested with a full master+replica install.

I had this patch applied in branch while developing Topology graph - promotion of several replicas worked. Replica promotion uses new CAReplicationManager - not CSReplicationManager so it shouldn't be affected. CSReplicationManager is used only in get_cs_replication_manager call. This call is used only in ipa-csreplica-manage and ipa_restore.py.

Without this patch the related functionality in both ipa-csreplica-manage and ipa_restore.py (see https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5479#comment:2 ) doesn't work.

I don't think that changing ipa-csreplica-manage is worth the effort given that we want to deprecate the tool.

Therefore I propose to go with this patch.
Petr Vobornik

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