On 27.11.2015 14:58, Martin Babinsky wrote:
On 11/19/2015 06:19 PM, Martin Babinsky wrote:
These two patches fix the following tickets:


I have added a new option '--ignore-disconnected-topology' which forces
IPA master uninstall despite reported errors in topology. I'm not quite
sure if we want to flood ipa-server-install with uninstall-specific
options, maybe it is better to skip the check in unattended mode and
just print a warning about disconnected topology and what to do about it.

I would like to hear your opinions about this.

Attaching rebased and updated patches.

Patch 0098: LGTM

Patch 0099:

a) This check should be done in Server.__init__() rather than install_check():

+    if options.ignore_disconnected_topology:
+        print("'--ignore-disconnected-topology' is used only during "
+              "uninstallation")
+        sys.exit(1)

b) s/--ignore-disconnected-topology/--ignore-topology-disconnect/, for consistency with other options, e.g. --no-ui-redirect.

Maybe even shorten it to --ignore-topology? But we probably don't want people to use this option much, so it might be better to keep it long?

c) I'm fine with uninstall options, you can remove the TODO:

+    # TODO: ask jcholast about uninstallation options


Jan Cholasta

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