On 24.11.2015 20:42, Simo Sorce wrote:
> Since some time we use the getkeytab operation to fetch keytabs on newer
> clients. According to bug #232 setkeytab can be used to circumvent
> password quality controls so it needs to be slowly retired.
> The attached patches implement #5485 in 2 parts.
> The first introduces the option DisableSetKeytab which globally disables
> the setkeytab extended operation. This is set to false by default for
> backwards compatibility.
> The second introduces an option called DisableUserSetKeytab, which is
> active by default in new installs (but not in upgraded ones), and only
> disables the use of setkeytab for ipa suers, but not for hosts/services.
> This is because user's are the ones that may abuse the interface to
> escape password policies and users also normally do not acquire keytabs,
> so it is a safe bet to disable just them by default in new installs.

On a related note, how this works with plain kadmin & kpasswd protocols?

Do I remember correctly that there is no way to download keytab without
re-generating it?

Petr^2 Spacek

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