On 2.12.2015 12:54, Petr Spacek wrote:
On 2.12.2015 12:51, Christian Heimes wrote:
On 2015-12-02 08:37, Petr Spacek wrote:
On 1.12.2015 18:42, Christian Heimes wrote:
 From 33be1f56a64e53d261a1058c4606a7e48c0aac52 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Christian Heimes <chei...@redhat.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2015 15:49:53 +0100
Subject: [PATCH 25] Improve error logging for Dogtag subsystem installation

In the case of a failed installation or uninstallation of a Dogtag
subsystem, the error output of pkispawn / pkidestroyed are now shown to
the user. It makes it more obvious what went wrong and makes it easier
to debug a problem.

The error handler also attempts to get the full name of the installation
/ uninstallation log file from stdout. pkispawn and pkidestroy print the
absolute name as 'Log file: /path/to/file.log'. The user no longer has
to guess the right log file.

   [1/8]: configuring KRA instance
Failed to configure KRA instance: Command ''/usr/sbin/pkispawn' '-s'
'KRA' '-f' '/tmp/tmp1UpbwF'' returned non-zero exit status 1
pkispawn    : ERROR    ....... PKI subsystem 'KRA' for instance
'pki-tomcat' already exists!
See the installation logs and the following files/directories for more
   [error] RuntimeError: KRA configuration failed.

The patch also changes a couple of modules that were using
the CalledProcessError exception object from subprocess instead of

I'm wondering if ipautil.run() can log stdout and stderr on log level ERROR
when return code is non-zero (and log on level DEBUG as usual when return code
is zero).

IMHO it would be nicer, universal, and does not require any changes in places
calling ipautil.run().

I think it's a bit confusing to print out stdout and stderr, because
both streams are captured separately. The output is missing its
chronological order. subprocess can capture stdout and stderr in the
same stream, but then we can't distinguish between output and error

I do not think it is a problem if these two are clearly marked as such:
standard output: %s (if non-empty)
stanrard error output: %s (if non-empty)

We do not want to log with level ERROR by default when rc != 0, because some commands generate a *lot* of output.

IMO Christian's approach is OK, because it lets the caller decide how to log (or not) stderr on failure.

In case of Dogtag stderr contains the relevant error message. In order
to understand the events, that lead to the particular error, a user has
to read the log file anyway -- unless you run pkispawn with '-vv' for
extra verbosity. But then you get pages over pages of debug output on
*stderr*. It's not helpful either.

Sure, I was not talking about that :-)

Jan Cholasta

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