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Since some time we use the getkeytab operation to fetch
keytabs on
clients. According to bug #232 setkeytab can be used to
password quality controls so it needs to be slowly retired.

The attached patches implement #5485 in 2 parts.

The first introduces the option DisableSetKeytab which
the setkeytab extended operation. This is set to false by
default for
backwards compatibility.

The second introduces an option called
DisableUserSetKeytab, which is
active by default in new installs (but not in upgraded
ones), and only
disables the use of setkeytab for ipa suers, but not for
This is because user's are the ones that may abuse the
interface to
escape password policies and users also normally do not
so it is a safe bet to disable just them by default in new

(Testing in progress)

Tested and working as expected.

I realized that adding options to ipaConfig require to add
them in the
UI as well, attached patches add options in API.txt and
Make now complain I should change API Major or Minor, but it
is not
clear to me why given this are additional values and no real
change or
new function is introduced. What's the recommendation ?

When does make complain? It is supposed to complain only when
does not match code.

Anyway, we usually bump minor version even for backward
changes, see e.g. commit 9549a59.

The point of API.txt (and the heavy client) was to save a
Being able to pass in an invalid option would void that rule hence
having to update the API when new values are added.


Ok added version change to the second patch (so we bump it only
given these are basically related changes.

Bump, is this ok ?
This patch is fine but please fix setkeytab use in ipa-sam before
committing this patch.

This patch does not disable setkeytab yet, so it can go in right away
(it blocks other patches already). We have a bug to change ipa-sam,
should we mark it blocker for 4.4 ?

We also have to fix the permission to change keytab, so that it uses
the new
style (https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5487). I would
actually make
this ticket and the ipa-sam ticket a blocker for this patch set.

Otherwise you are actually introducing a switch that breaks FreeIPA
as some of
it's core server functions still use the old method.

The point of this patchset is to introduce the switch early so that
current server will support the off switch when newer servers down the
road are ready to flip it. The defaults are still to allow these
operations for services/hosts.

I still do not get the logic about an early switch. Now, if switch is
on, FreeIPA server breaks on several places. I would really rather
expect the
switch to be introduced when the server itself supports it. Then,
admin would
enable it when the clients are sufficiently updated and can use the
new method.

Why would admin want to enable the switch early if it breaks FreeIPA
some of
the FreeIPA servers? Permission can be upgraded in newer version and get
replicated, that's fine. But ipa-sam would be still broken on this old
Old server is not a problem here: ipa-sam only talks to the
localhost-based server as we always use ldapi protocol. So if server is
running old-behavior FreeIPA, ipa-sam on the same server will work
against it.

What I don't want to have is a situation where setkeytab is disabled and
a new server obeys it but ipa-sam on this new server is not updated and
will expectedly fail. We are not that forced to do the change right now
in 4.3, given that the default will still be to keep setkeytab, thus we
can wait with this patch until ipa-sam is fixed and then push both
patches into the closest release, be it 4.3.x (x>=0) or whatever is the
next one.

+1, fixing ipa-sam would be then a release blocker for 4.3 which is not

Also what about adding support for "ipaProtectedoperation check" for
user principals?

I'm afraid that forbidding getting user principal might be regarded as a
regression which might cause that admins won't set DisableSetKeytab.

One thing at a time.
We have bugs open for all these things, but I see no reason not to add
an *optional* setting just because some things break when it is turned


I would agree if the optional setting(DisableUserSetKeytab) was not enabled by default.
Petr Vobornik

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