On (02/12/15 13:14), Rob Crittenden wrote:
>Is it still mandatory that tests pass the unit tests before acceptance?
Unit test could be executed as part of "%check" phase in spec files.
I recently added C-base unit tests there.

I was not bale to run "make tests" there because many tests failed.
If they require real IPA server for execution ( or lite server)
then they are not unit test but integration tests.
One solution would be to skip them or to usw cwrap[1] + lite server.
So it can be run also in mock/koji which has many restrictions.

Also lint should be also part of "%check" phase and not part of
ordinary build.
BTW I could not see a lint[2] in fedora build at all. So I'm not sure
if it is executed with upstream spec file.

If someone wants to comply that it would take long time to build rpms
then you might take a look how long glibc is built.
(half an hour on x86_64)

>I've seen a number of cases over the past couple of months where a
>change goes through then shortly afterward a patch to fix the tests.
>IMHO this should be caught in advance.
>Things slip through and goodness knows I've acked more than a few
>patches without running the full suite. I just have a feeling it has
>become more frequent lately.


[1] https://cwrap.org/

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