On 04.12.2015 20:15, Martin Kosek wrote:
On 12/04/2015 07:17 PM, Tomas Babej wrote:

Avoids failing in the later stages during the ipa-client-install


Is this change needed? Wouldn't it be better to update ipa-client-install or ipa-replica-install to not require the --domain option? I would hope that --domain can be figured out during installation and not passed to ipa-replica-install manually by the admin.

I just think that calling
# ipa-replica-install --server=master.example.com
is better than
# ipa-replica-install --server=master.example.com --domain example.com
if possible.


How about hostname 'my.ipa.example.com' and and domain 'example.com'

We already have plenty of code that is trying to use a crystal ball to detect what is right, we do not need additional one.


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