On 14/12/15 15:05, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Mon, 14 Dec 2015, David Kupka wrote:
On 30/11/15 16:31, Martin Basti wrote:
First instance of KRA should be installed only by ipa-kra-install

Patch attached.

patch works, but I don't like the approach.

Do we really want to remove '--setup-kra' option from ipa-server-install?
Why do we remove '--setup-kra' while keeping '--setup-dns'? Why do we
keep installing PKI CA when it can be also installed later?
Yes, we do want. Adding the option was an error in the first place. This
patch fixes the error.

I would love if 'ipa-server-install' installed only the bare minimum
needed and then other features was added using ipa-{feature}-install
but also I don't mind one almighty installer that can install all
possible combinations of features.
But this is neither of it. This just brings another inconsistency into
FreeIPA behavior.
We don't have --with-adtrust either. And we don't want it.

Ok, then are we aiming for 'ipa-server-install' that only installs the bare minimum and everything else should be installed later?

Or, do we decide per feature if it's appropriate to include it in 'ipa-server-install'? What are the criteria in this case?

David Kupka

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