On 18/12/15 12:04, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 12/18/2015 11:26 AM, David Kupka wrote:
Standalone DNS installer always performed overlap check effectively
preventing installation on replica when other DNS instance was already
installed in topology.

I don't like the position of api argument in the install_check. It is
not consistent with install_check in KRA plus it's between two related
options: standalone and replica.

Is there a reason behind it which I don't see?

Right now (with my patch applied) I see:

ca.install_check(standalone, replica_config, options)
kra.install_check(api, replica_config, options)
dns.install_check(standalone, api, replica, options, hostname)

And if I needed to get common signature of the functions I would probably end up with:

install_check(standalone, api, replica_config, options, ...)

In KRA there is no use for option standalone so it is left out.
In DNS replica_config is not needed, only information we are running on replica has some value. So it's replaced by boolean. But if you think this is important please tell me where api option should go and I'll change it...

David Kupka

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