On 6.1.2016 12:15, Sumit Bose wrote:
> Hi,
> this patch fixes and issue found by Simo when he called
> get_authz_data_types() with the second argument being NULL.
> This function determines which type of authorization data should be
> added to the Kerberos ticket. There are global default and it is
> possible to configure this per service as well. The second argument is
> the data base entry of a service. If no service is given it makes sens
> to return the global defaults and most parts of get_authz_data_types()
> handle this case well and this patch fixes the remain issue and adds a
> test for this as well.
> Please note that currently get_authz_data_types() is used in a code path
> where the service entry is expected to be not NULL and it turned out
> that in Simo's case it will be non-NULL as well. Nevertheless the patch
> makes the code more robust and makes the future use of
> get_authz_data_types() more safe.
> bye,
> Sumit

Nitpick without looking at the code:
It would be good to include the text above (or a variant of it) in the commit
message. The person doing software archaeology some years from now will
appreciate it :-)

Petr^2 Spacek

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