On 11.01.2016 16:47, Martin Basti wrote:

On 11.01.2016 12:34, Martin Kosek wrote:
On 01/08/2016 06:31 PM, Martin Babinsky wrote:
On 01/08/2016 06:17 PM, Martin Basti wrote:

On 08.01.2016 17:18, Martin Babinsky wrote:
fixes ipa-csreplica-manage del blowing up due


for master and ipa-4-3 only.

Give me patch pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!
Auto-attach plugin would be most welcome.. here's the patch.
Back my developer days, I used this script for sending patches :-)


This let me (almost never) forget attaching the file(s) in the right format.


Pushed to:
master: a81e69a796fee2405252838d512e5b950f3be5d8
ipa-4-3: 6ef4bfb7b422af4e487043cdfec88845c3644d6a

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