On 19.1.2016 13:43, Martin Basti wrote:
New pylint version will broke our custom make-lint script again,
attached patch migrates make-lint to:
* config file
* pylint plugin
which are supported by pylint and should not have regular compatibility

to test new approach run ./make-lint2

* compatibility with pylint
* works on both pylint-1.4.3-3.fc23.noarch and pylint-1.5.2-1.fc24.noarch
* pylint plugin works in different way than the previous custom checker.
Missing ("dynamic") attributes are added to abstract syntax tree instead
of ignoring them and all their sub-members. This makes check better,
pylint can detect more typos in tests configurations, api, env, etc..

* any new attribute in api, test config, etc.. must be added to
definition of missing members (pylint plugin) - this should not happen
too often

1) Please "mv pylint_plugins/fix_ipa_members.py pylint_plugins.py" and "rm -rf pylint_plugins/", no need for this redundant directory structure.

2) Rename pylintrc to freeipa.pylintrc so you have to always specify it explicitly with --rcfile.

3) Use the load-plugins directive in freeipa.pylintrc to load the plugins rather than --load-plugins.

4) Instead of running pylint twice, run it only once with both normal and Python 3 checks enabled:


* make-lint: should it be just bash script or rather python script?

IMO neither, it should be a make target (make lint).

* add dynamic detection of python files to be checked

You can use "find . -type f -executable ! -path \*/.\* ! -name \*.py\* -exec grep -lsm1 '^#!.*\bpython' \{\} \;".

* should I keep the current options from original make-lint?

No, but allow pylint options to be overridable (make lint PYLINTFLAGS="--disable=python3")

* several false positive errors I haven't been able to fix in plugin
yet, in worst case they can be locally disabled:

Disable them locally.


Jan Cholasta

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