On 27.1.2016 18:38, Petr Viktorin wrote:

Here is a mixed bag of Python 3 fixes.
They fix some tests, and they should enable you to use `python3

Patch 761:

1) The "invalid 'my_number': " bit comes from IPA itself, shouldn't we check at least that?

Patch 762:

1) We should handle UnicodeError here as well, in addition to TypeError:

                 if k.lower() == 'negotiate':
-                        token = base64.b64decode(v)
+                        token = base64.b64decode(v.encode('ascii'))
                     # b64decode raises TypeError on invalid input
                     except TypeError:

2) I would prefer if the encoding was specified explicitly here:

+            response = json_decode_binary(json.loads(response.decode()))

Patch 763:


+                    altname = altname

2) Nitpick, but could you please:

-        if isinstance(name_or_oid, unicode):
-            name_or_oid = name_or_oid.encode('utf-8')
+        if six.PY2:
+            if isinstance(name_or_oid, unicode):
+                name_or_oid = name_or_oid.encode('utf-8')

This way it's more visible that this is a py2-only thing.

Patch 764: LGTM

Patch 765:


+import tempfile
+import tempfile

Patch 766-767: LGTM

Patch 768:

1) Only binascii.Error should be handled in int_to_bytes, the try-except block is there just to handle odd-length strings.

2) I think you can just remove the library_path.encode(), it's there because the original C code did the same thing, but don't think it's necessary.

Patch 769: LGTM


Jan Cholasta

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