On 2016-02-11 14:43, Martin Kosek wrote:
>> Pushed to:
>> master: 5ac3a3cee534a16db86c541b9beff4939f03410e
>> ipa-4-3: c3496a4a4893c75789bdf0c617e46923361fb43b
> Very cool! Thanks guys! Looking forward to deploying FreeIPA 4.3.1 on the
> FreeIPA public demo :-)

I have to change the cipher list again in the near future. During
DevConf.CZ Bob pointed out some issues with key sizes in post quantum
crypto world [1]. Rob and I are working on a patch for mod_nss for
finite field ephemeral DH key exchange. Once the patch has landed, I'll
update the cipher list to support also kDHE.



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