On 17.2.2016 14:49, Martin Basti wrote:

Patch attached (for master, 4.3, 4.2)

1) All the replication agreement permission ACIs should be located in the same entry. Currently "Read Replication Agreements" is in "cn=config" and everything else in "cn=mapping tree,cn=config", so I guess "cn=mapping tree,cn=config" makes more sense.

2) Instead of literal DN('cn=permissions,cn=pbac'), use api.env.container_permissions.

3) IMO the removal of managed permission attributes could be a little bit more robust. You should check that the original entry contains all the required values before touching it (objectclass=ipapermissionv2, ipapermissiontype=V2, ipapermissiontype=MANAGED) and remove only the values that need to be removed, instead of just overwriting everything.


Jan Cholasta

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