On 02/26/2016 06:03 PM, Martin Babinsky wrote:
> This patch fixes https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5570 and also
> enables CA installation on CA-less master with hardened dirsrv
> configuration.
> When testing I ran into the issue with Dogtag restart during KRA
> installation [1] which I will try to troubleshoot with Dogtag guys. You
> are welcome to troubleshoot it also during the review, maybe I did some
> misconfiguration on my part.
> [1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/pki-devel/2016-February/msg00100.html

Works fine, ACK!

Pushed to:
master: 276d16775a4ce8af5d39ca8a7bf5bcd638df343f
ipa-4-3: 8de860cc081dd0e5e8b0ae3a97fbb89d6d1386c4
ipa-4-2: c7c126fb51c5b2c92622f493d1c7efbadb899e49

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