Based on Alexander's suggestion I created a copr repo with latest python-icalendar version.

On 03/04/2016 02:53 PM, Stanislav Laznicka wrote:

So in the previous month and a bit I was reworking the time-based policies according to the changes we agreed on (, line 83). Let me briefly walk you through what was done (no TLDR, sorry, but split the text in chapters):

*Time rule templates*
In the attachment is the proposal how this could be done using costemplates. Currently, the time rule templates have their own directory in the realm tree. The idea is that it could be used for both HBAC and Sudo rules so it needs to be in a location both should be able to reach. Should we not want them used in Sudo rules, the template directory could be moved to HBAC directory. There are also some new permissions for accessing these time rule templates which may need to be revised if the templates should be used both for sudo and HBAC rules.

*iCalendar format validation
*So there is an iCalendar string validation now. During its creation, I came across several issues with python-icalendar which is basically why it took me so long to write the validation. I made several fixes to the python-icalendar library, most of them are already merged in the repository master (, one should be pushed in the next library major release.

My pull requests:

I still have one fix in the making, that one should force the strong types in iCalendar as these are also missing in python-icalendar but required by the RFC.

Also, obviously, if you want to try the patches, you will need the current python-icalendar implementation from Github. I haven't put python-icalendar dependency into the .spec file yet for this reason.
*We are now able to import iCalendar strings from files and more or less be sure that the parts we need will be consistent with the RFC 5545 (basically, we are only checking that VEVENT components are correct, to bring strict checking to python-icalendar would take some time and I believe I spent way too much time with it already (there is an issue on their github page, though, it's 4 years old)).

*TODO now
*0)**Update the design*
*1a) The hbacrule-*-accesstime should probably be split into 2 commands, one that reads iCalendar strings from files, and one that creates those strings from "some kind of user input" (similarly for timeruletemplates). 1b) Create the format of user input we could expect for the second kind of command from 1a). We need to be able to convert it to iCalendar string and back so that we are able to present the data stored on the server in human readable form. NL part might be of help although it aims mostly on RRULE property of VEVENT components, whereas we may want to use DTEND, EXDATE, RDATE and DURATION as well to be able to specify events more properly. 2) Represent the HBAC time rules on SSSD side. I already have a skeleton of this based on libical (, which hopefully seems to be more viable than python-icalendar. I do not mean to do the validation of received iCalendar string on the SSSD side anymore (at least not in an excessive way), just get the required properties from VEVENT components and evaluate them accordingly.

*I would really appreciate your input on these topics:*
*1)**How to represent the iCalendar strings on the client side in CLI (while thinking about WebUI as well)?
2a) Do we want to use the time rules for Sudo rules as well?
2b) If 2a), is the proposed location of time rule templates along with the privileges ok?


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