On 02/17/2016 04:50 PM, Pavel Vomacka wrote:

The position of nodes were different after each reload. The attached
patch changes it. The nodes are set as fixed after initial animation.
Even if someone releases the node by double-clicking then after
animation the node is set as fixed. And the same behavior for new added
nodes to the graph (i.e. new client) - after initial animation, which
allows node to find proper position, the node is set as fixed, too.

The patch also fixes one minor bug which is, I guess, related to this
bug. In a situation where the node is set as fixed (no matter how -
manually or automatically) then the page is reloaded or refreshed, then
the initial animation runs. If after all these steps someone tries to
release the node by double-clicking the state of the node is set to not
fixed, but a layout animation is not run. This is the reason why there
is layout.resume() in dblclick listener. If you think that there should
be another ticket for this minor bug, let me know.

Pavel^3 Vomacka


Pushed to:
master: 1cc582e9b8bd28deb70d29412cdaa500d904c8e3
ipa-4-3: 790953d8955c709c45921bff53463065e312dd27
Petr Vobornik

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