On 03/07/2016 11:24 AM, Pavel Vomacka wrote:

On 03/04/2016 07:03 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 03/01/2016 01:37 PM, Pavel Vomacka wrote:

The patch adds new field in user add dialog. This combo box lists GIDs
of posix groups
so user can choose one. It is also possible to fill a GID number
which is not in the list.

Link to the ticket: https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5505

Pavel^3 Vomacka

1. We can keep default label 'GID' by removing 'label' from spec,
which is also used on details page. No need to add a new string.

2. It is hard to pick a group from a list because the only thing
administrator see are GID numbers, e.g.,:
  * 330800000
  * 330800002

It would be good to show a group name there or group name + GID
  * admins
  * editors

a) If admin wants to set arbitrary GID number not manage in IPA, he
already knows it and can enter it directly.
b) If he want's to set a specific group then he will search for it by

Such change will require a change in combobox widget so that we can
specify a label field and a value field. E.g. list will operate with
   { label: 'admins', value: 330800000 },
   { label: 'editors', value: 330800000 }

and not [ 330800000, 330800000 ]

I tried if it is possible to do easily and yes. See attached wippatch.
Would be good to check if it breaks anything. If not then we can merge
it into your patch.

thank you for your patch. It's definitely better to see names of groups
instead of numbers. Your solution works well.

I merged your patch with mine and the result is attached. I also removed
definitions of new string (was used as label) from my first patch .

Pavel^3 Vomacka


Pushed to:
master: f7429a2dec96eec302629b0b792e785ba832d5ef
ipa-4-3: 934babc8ae216b60628ffdce0325498e541cf543

FYI: I also opened https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5731
Petr Vobornik

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