On 03/21/2016 06:57 PM, Pavel Vomacka wrote:

-    width: 960,
-    height: 500,

Graph even without this patch allows to set initial size in a
constructor, e.g.:

E.g. so he could also use:
  this.graph = new topology_graph.TopoGraph({
     nodes: data.nodes,
     links: data.links,
     suffixes: data.suffixes
     height: height,
     width: width

IMO we should leave some default size there, e.g. the old 960x500 so
that the graph is shown even without explicit configuration.

Ok, I put the default size back, but into graph specification as you
write here.

Ah, I badly expressed myself, sorry. I wanted to leave the original
code on its place(TopoGraph). The above was just example what is
possible with or without the change because it is not obvious from code.
Default size is returned back now.


pushed to

* e45f7314e1a2276671435703e190c8dabb320739 Resize topology graph canvas according to window size
* ffdd64732b0325747b7922b0c9ce5a16a2b5652e Resize topology graph canvas according to window size
Petr Vobornik

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