LukᚠHellebrandt wrote:
I created a design page for the feature:

Can you make the ticket reference a link?

Is it expected that a full URI will be used, including protocol? Your early examples are http://path/to/somewhere and later you just use /path/to/somewhere. Will protocol be allowed? I ask because it can be problematic because users would have to consider and remember http vs https, for example.

What happens if ftp, for example, added HBAC support and wanted to utilize this but wanted different access control by protocol?

I think case sensitivity might be pretty important too, though might be best left as an exercise for the user.

I'm not sure what you mean by the CLI section. It seems like you are just adding in a uri option so I'd be explicit. Showing possible usage would be handy too.

What kind of regex validation can be done, if any?


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